You’ve Got This!

You just need the confidence to believe it...

Whether you have a new baby, a toddler, or school-age children, it’s normal to wonder if you’re getting anything right.

The truth is you’re smashing it, you just need to believe it’s true.

Armed with support, answers and guidance, you’ll see that You’ve Got This!

With this membership, you get the entire bestselling Super Mum course, plus LIVE, WEEKLY Q&A calls with me FOR 6 Months.

So, your confidence is zapped…

And you’re not always the mum you want to be.
Maybe you wish you were a natural, but often feel clueless and irritable.
Maybe you’re used to being capable of anything, and having kids has rocked your self-belief.

These myths about ‘good mothers’ don’t help:

The truth is, millions of mums feel stretched and unsure of themselves, all the time.

But they don’t talk about it, thanks to these 👆 ‘ideal mum’ myths.

They might not tell their partners how they feel, either.

Or even their best friends. Or their own mothers…

But guess what?

Lots of you tell me.

And I’m on a mission to share the truth.

To show you that you’ve got this, despite how you feel.

To reveal the brilliant mum within each and every one of you.

You've Got This...

is a private group membership with regular confidence-boosting live calls, to help you see your value and reach your potential

Get 6 months’ worth* of supercharged live group support, led by me…
…and discover your path to being the mum (and the person)

you want to be.

*some weeks – usually school holidays – there won’t be a group call. For when that happens I will always extend your membership accordingly.

Who needs this live group membership?

you if ...

You’re not sure who ‘the real you’ is now you’re a mum

You’re questioning whether to be a SAHM or get back to your career

You don’t take enough time for yourself

The notion of telling yourself ‘You’ve Got This’ feels ludicrous (it’s really not)

Join the group and lighten the mental load of motherhood

When you join You’ve Got This, you’ll get access to the following for six months:

A space in our small circle – I keep numbers low so there’s space for everyone
A weekly 60-minute group video call on a particular parenting/confidence topic, including a Q&A session
Covering topics such as maternal rage, loss of identity, frustration with partners, body image, not loving every moment
Private Facebook group membership for in-between sharing in the group (and I’ll be in there too)

Plus (lifetime) access to the self-guided Super Mum course content in its entirety

Join today for £99

or pay in three instalments of £33

Through our group sessions you’ll:

Be clearer about what you want and need

Learn how to share the mental load
Improve your self-confidence
Find balance between work, life and family

Feel like you are thriving rather than just surviving

P.S. Not ready to commit to weekly group sessions? Buy the self-guided Super Mum Program here.


It’s £99 for six months! You can also pay in three £33 installments.
You get lifetime access to the entire Super Mum Course PLUS weekly LIVE sessions for 6 months.
YES YOU DO! Email me at and I will send you a special discount code which will refund you the cost of the Super Mum Course and a bit more!
I will send you a copy of it to watch back at your convenience.
It’s for ANYONE who needs encouragement, support, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a cheerleader, a village, a tribe.. it’s for YOU