Calling all mums who work
(or who want to)

Truth bomb: You can’t be 100% on top of it all... But the stats say you’ll probably try!

A study revealed the average mother carries out 238 home and family tasks per week - spending 57 hours on unpaid family business. Most have jobs as well. But will they burn out? Well, that depends.

Family life vs work commitments can be a daily battle for your precious energy and time..

It’s a contest, but no one wins…

(Not your colleagues, not your kids! And not YOU)

…until you call a truce and try to uncover the hidden pressure valves to make your life easier.

I’m not here to tell you you can “do it all”
I’m not going to tell you the change “starts within”
But I am telling you the first step is to ask this:

What do I really need to thrive ?
And do the best for my family too?

These are questions many mums find tough.

Perhaps you’ve stopped asking, because you don’t believe there’s space for an answer.

Perhaps you are worried that that putting yourself first is selfish and might not benefit your family

But that’s not true.

It’s time you found new ways to restore some balance with…

The Work/Life Balance

In this program I’ll show you:

How to empower yourself at home and at work
How to set boundaries (and stick to them)

How to seek balance rather than perfection

You  need to know and believe your time is precious, so that the people in your life believe it too, and step up to the plate to share the load with you.

What's included?

Work-life balance QUIZ to help you assess your work-life balance
Questions and PROMPTS to help you delve into the real reasons things aren’t balanced
EXERCISES to help you think through new ways of addressing imbalance
Modules covering the following topics:
What’s not working? Identifying the problems
Priorities and compromises you’ll have to make
Setting boundaries
Couple Goals and division of labour at home
Seeking balance rather than perfection
Luck and privilege
Something’s gotta give – the tweaks
Career Breaks and pivots
Dealing with comparisons
Constantly changing situations
The right job? How to think about your career with your needs at the centre

Knowing your worth / Empowering yourself at home and at work

I’m Becca Maberly and I’ve worked with hundreds of women as an antenatal, postnatal and parenting educator.

 I’m passionate about making parents’ lives easier by boosting your confidence and helping you let go of unhelpful, perfectionist ideas about being a good parent.

I’ve seen countless women struggle with the return to work after kids. It is a seismic change no matter your situation, and often comes with expectations and mixed feelings you didn’t expect. I’ve been there. I’ve seen so many people go through it – and I know this program can help you get some balance back.

Don’t worry, it’s fun, it can be done in quick chunks (the whole point is *not* to add to your workload).

I’m not promising the earth – but I believe with some tweaks things can be a lot easier and more in-line with what you need and want to be there for yourself and your family.

What the program gives you

you will...

  • Re-evaluate what is important
  • Work out what is less important and can be set to one side for now
  • Harness support- emotional and practical support from loved ones and others around you
  • Make time and space for you (and figure out what that looks like)

So that you can have...

  • A balance that works
  • A balance that fits your family
  • More harmony at home
  • Less Guilt

Re-evaluate what is important

A balance that works

Work out what is less important and can be set to one side for now

A balance that fits your family

Harness support- emotional and practical support from loved ones and others around you

More harmony at home

Make time and space for you (and figure out what that looks like)

Less Guilt

By the end of the programme you’ll have mapped out a path to a better work-life balance that maximises everyone’s happiness…especially YOURS.


This course is a fantastic complement to the Super Mum course or The Postnatal Course. The content is all new and more focused on balancing parenting and working.

Yes, this course addresses different stages of life and different family set-ups. If you are working, or worrying about working as a parent, this course is for you.
Yes! This course can help anyone who is struggling in their with work/life balance, but some of the content is more relevant to issues that mothers (statistically) tend to face. If you struggle with work and helping in the household, or just would like some advice on balancing work and parenting, this course will help.

The course is made up of 4 videos and action plans for you to complete in your own time. It can be done in small chunks and it will be fun and revealing. It certainly won’t take a lot of time.

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