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Will my second labour be easier?

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I delivered a healthy baby boy at in Sept 2011 at 38 weeks via a C-section (due to failure to progress). I am now pregnant again due to deliver end of October.

I understand every pregnancy & Labour is different, however I’ve heard that labour with second baby is always easier, is this a myth? Also because I had a C-section last time does it mean my chances of having a natural birth are slim?


The most common reason for failure to progress in the first labour is due to an unfavourable position of the baby combined with inefficient contractions.  Both of these problems tend not to recur in subsequent labours, so the chances of a successful vaginal delivery are high ( more than 70%) .  Most second labours are quicker and more efficient than first labours and you would do well to discuss this with your Obstetrician and midwife.

Many hospitals have a specific clinic or service to encourage women to try for a vaginal birth after after Caesarean (VBAC)

The best chances are to be very patient and to await a spontaneous onset of labour which you hope will occur before 42 weeks. The risks of attempting a vaginal birth are small, but the labour will be carefully monitored.

Please look at our website for further details.

Good luck


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