Which are The Best Maternity Pads?

Which Maternity Pads Should You Buy?

You can say goodbye to little knickers like this in the first few weeks after having a baby!

There can be a LOT of Blood

Nothing can quite prepare you for the amount of bleeding you might experience in the first few days after the birth.  You will need some GIANT maternity pads that are not only absorbent but also cushioned- as things can be a “bit”* sore down there if you have just pushed a baby out!  It is also really important that they are breathable and do not have a plastic lining that makes you feel all sweaty which is really unpleasant.  If you want to do your bit for the environment then look out for biodegradable options.  Many brands offer organic pads if that is important to you.

We asked our instagram gang which pads they rated the most highly- and the same names came up again and again, so here’s the verdict –


“Best ones by miles. Sometimes on offer”

“Better for the environment too”

Kotex Nighttime

“So absorbent and don’t make you itch like lots of them do!”

Tesco’s Own Brand

“Used them post natal after both births, both of which involved plus 9lb babies and episiotomy. Cheap as well!”

Sainsbury’s Own Brand

“I’ve always used Sainsbury’s own brand -night time. they are best, super cushioned and absorbent!”

Boots Own Brand

“These were great for me and my stitches… no end to the post-birth glamour eh?”

Do you have any other brands to add? If so, drop us a line!

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