When can I Start Trying to Conceive after a Miscarriage?

 had an EPRC following a missed miscarriage/anembryonic pregnancy exactly two weeks ago.  I have had 2 different opinions on when to start trying to get pregnant again.  The consultant sonographer who confirmed the missed miscarriage thought it better to wait for a full cycle but the consultant who carried out the EPRC procedure (at a different hospital) said to start trying straight away if that’s what I want.  Because of having been given two different opinions by qualified people, I wondered what your opinion would be.  Also, given that it is said that you are extra fertile following miscarriage when exactly are you super fertile (ie. is it directly after the procedure or two weeks after?)

Sorry to hear of your recent miscarriage.

Fertility normally returns very quickly after an uncomplicated procedure, and you can expect to ovulate approximately 14 days after the procedure and your period to follow two weeks after that. Most gynaecologists would advise for you to wait for one normal period before you try and conceive again. This allows the uterus to expell any residual products of conception which might have remained after the procedure and particularly allows the womb to heal nicely after the slight trauma of the operation. Your fertility is likely to be normal , rather than enhanced, so do not expect to conceive immediately. It can take a little while.



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