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What to Buy for Baby? The Ultimate List!

what to buy for newborn baby

What to Buy and What not to Buy!

We really recommend that you do not rush out and spend loads of money on baby gear.  So many people find themselves buying things that sound fantastic and end up never using.  So we have compiled a list of essentials and a few extras that we recommend you buy or borrow.

There is no shame in getting things second hand, either from charity shops, Ebay or from friends.  Most items are fine to use second hand, except mattresses, please make sure you get a new mattress for your moses basket or cot.

Did you know that you do not need to wash your new baby clothes – it is fine for your baby to wear them straight from the packet. We think it is a great idea to keep some things in packaging and hold onto receipts in case your baby is bigger than expected or even a different gender!

To download our Ultimate List of What to Buy and What NOT to Buy, head over to our Essentials Online Antenatal Classes and you will find it in Class 2!  When you sign up you will get details to our closed Facebook Page where you can chat with other women about things they found useful and things they wished they hadn’t wasted their money on!

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