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What Medication can I take when Pregnant?

If you can, it is advisable to avoid medication in your first trimester unless the drugs are prescribed by doctor.  Do not worry about ones you took before you knew you were pregnant as the likelihood of any bad side effects is minimal.

Over the Counter Medicine

It is safe to take Paracetamol during your pregnancy, but make sure you do not take more than the stated dose on the packet.

It is important to stay away from Ibuprufen after 30 weeks of pregnancy. However it is now thought to be safe to take in the early stages of pregnancy

Prescription Medicine

Anti-biotics can be completely safe to take during pregnancy.  If you are ill, be sure to tell your doctor that you are pregnant so he or she can prescribe you some that are safe to take.

Always read the package of any medication as most drugs do come with warnings if they are not suitable for pregnant women. If in doubt, you must consult your caregiver for further advice.

With regards to getting the Flu Jab, current advice and guidelines say it is safer to get the jab than not to.

Many women may conceive while they are currently taking various medications for psychological problems.  If this is the case then it is important that you get clear advice from your midwife or doctor about the safety of taking these drugs.  Many are harmless for the baby but they may sometimes have implications for breastfeeding.  As always, expert advice is essential.  The potential risks of certain medications have to be weighed against the real benefits obtained and the disruption that may occur from stopping the medication.  Most of the drugs currently prescribed for psychological problems are safe in pregnancy although some change in dosage or regime may be appropriate.  Once again, expert advice is invaluable.

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