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vagina ice pop

Vagina Ice Pops Anyone?

How to help a Sore Perineum.

A father has revealed that he filled condoms with water and froze them to give to his partner who was in pain after giving birth!

At A Mother Place, this is the first we have heard of this little trick, and we have to say it sounds ACE!

Apparently some midwives recommend this to women who are experiencing pain and swelling “down below” after giving birth.

You fill the condom up with water, tie the end and then freeze it!  Wrap it in a clean T-shirt or tea towel and hold it against your perineum!  Make sure you put a towel down underneath you as there will be quite a lot of water when it is melting.

If you are allergic to latex in condoms then a bag of frozen peas can do the trick too.

Pass it on!

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