what your baby may experience in the hours, days and weeks after birth

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When you are a mother you have to use your instinct

The first few weeks after the birth of your baby can be stressful, exciting, disorientating, confusing and your normally efficient brain may not be working at its normal capacity.  We have compiled a list of things you should not forget to do in the first few weeks of your baby’s life.

  • Change the baby’s nappy regularly.  For many this may seem obvious, but many first time mothers have admitted to completely forgetting to change their baby’s nappy for the first day!!!
  • Feed your baby.  This may also seem obvious, but if you have never done it before and are completely exhausted, you may forget temporarily!  This is something that new mothers also admit to forgetting.
  • Look after the Umbilical Stump.  The stump from the umbilical cord should dry up and fall off within 2 weeks of the birth, leaving a small wound that should heal quickly, and become his belly button.  During this period, you should make sure you keep it clean and dry so that it does not get infected.  You fold down the top of the nappy to try and keep it out of contact with urine.   Women used to be instructed to wipe the stump with alcohol but this is no longer the case.  You can wash your baby in the bath with either plain water or a mild baby soap, it is safe to get the stump wet.  After the bath you should pat it dry and then let it dry before dressing the baby.    If the area becomes red or swollen and any pus appears or your baby develops a temperature, the chord stump may become infected.  If this happens you should call your GP.
  • Register Baby at the GP’s surgery and organise Heel Prick test and Immunisations.  For more information click HERE.
  • Name and Register your baby.  In England and Wales you must register your baby within 42 days of the birth.  The Direct Gov website has details on this.  Click Here for more details.
  • Apply for baby’s passport.  If you are planning on going away within a few weeks or months of the baby’s birth then you should register its birth ASAP and apply for their passport as soon as you receive the birth certificate.

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