check the small print of your insurance policy.

Tips for Travelling when Pregnant

Flying Can be Very Safe

Flying during pregnancy can be very safe, but it depends on how far you are flying and any apparent risk factors in your pregnancy.

As a general rule of thumb you can continue to fly short haul until 36 weeks.  For long haul flying, you should probably stop at about 32 weeks. This varies between carriers and some will require a doctor’s note or certificate about your condition and fitness to travel even after 28 weeks.


They do have the right to refuse to carry you even if you are carrying the correct documentation.
If you are carrying twins, the advice is not to travel abroad after 26 weeks.

You should check with your healthcare provider before booking any flights in your last trimester.

If you have experienced any bleeding, have diabetes, high blood pressure or any other problem, your doctor may advise against travel.  You do not want to go into pre-term labour at 35,000 feet.You would be advised to take special precautions about deep vein thrombosis- such as drinking plenty of fluids, stretching and flexing your legs and even wearing flight socks. Sometimes taking a baby Aspirin is appropriate if you are going on a long haul flight.  Please discuss this with your midwife or doctor.

Check Your Insurance

Pregnant travellers should also be aware that many insurance companies will not cover them for travel after 24 weeks of pregnancy.  People are often unaware of the small print which often claims that you will not be covered for any pregnancy-related claims if your return trip is made after 24 weeks.  So you should double check the small print of your policy before you make any travel plans.

You should take your Maternity notes with you in case of any problems whilst you are abroad.

After 37 weeks you should really try not to be more than an hour and a half from where you are planning to deliver, and the same goes for your partner.

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