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Father with son in the bed

The 5 Unpredictables of Pregnancy… no. 5 – The Father

FIVE – The Father

Perhaps the most unpredictable of the 5 phases

You think you know he’s going to be, but reality turns out differently.

It can, of course go both ways.

The man who came to every clinic visit and class and was joined at the hip during labour, suddenly changes.  He starts to find work, travel, laptop and cellphone and the latest box set much more interesting than the screaming blob who insists on emptying his alimentary canal at both ends. What happened to our social life and those fantastic meals you used to cook and the random sex?  What about me and my needs, and I’m sorry darling, but I’m out again tomorrow night and I have to go to Huddersfield for a conference next week . Is that alright?  Sorry I was late home tonight but Nigel and Derek wanted to “wet the baby’s head”, and I couldn’t say no.  And why ‘s the baby making all that noise, please try and keep him quiet as I have an important day at work tomorrow. 

Or is he besotted and useful . The nappy supremo and expert on baby paraphernalia, sling wizard, and burpmaster general. In tune, in sympathy, and perhaps more important, in the kitchen, with his latest recipe for hungry breast-feeding, sleep deprived new mothers. He is also strict with all Rabbits Friends and Relations who dare to overstay their welcome.  He has managed to organise his work so that, not only did he get a month off but for the next three months he can work at home on Wednesdays. Wow! and I thought he wasn’t really interested, but now I find he’s even read The Doctor and Daughters Guide to Pregnancy!!

Seriously though, some men , like some women , can take quite a time to really feel the bond with their newborn. Some get it straight away and some need some space and time and come good later. Is it genetic, random or do all fathers turn out like their own fathers? Can you modify their performance ? Sure, but I this topic  is outside my expertise. Answers on a postcard please as, a lot of mothers turn out to be quite surprised by their partners response to parenthood.  And they would certainly like to know how you can predict the way they turn out !

But that’s what this article is all about!

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