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Tests and Immunisations for Newborns

Find out What Immunisations your Newborn Needs

When your baby is about 5 days old you will need to take him for a heel prick test.  This is where the doctor or midwife collects a tiny sample of blood from the baby’s heel and wipes it onto a little card.  The card will be sent away for analysis and the blood will be screened for conditions like Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Your baby may cry when the test is done, but try not to get upset as the pain lasts only briefly and your baby will  not be traumatised by this event.

Do not worry too much about trying to remember to book this appointment, you should be reminded about it by your community midwife who may even come to your house to perform it.

The same goes for injections, you will be reminded by your GP about when to bring your baby for his immunisations.

In the UK you will be given a Red Book which will also contain information about the vaccinations that your baby needs to have.

Here is the NHS Vaccination Check list.

There is quite a lot of Babmin (Baby – Admin!!) when you have a new baby- so make sure you check out our Ultimate To Do List.

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