Buggy Tag

Buggy Tag



This small tag is for you to hang on your buggy/changing bag/handbag/baby carrier or wherever you want…

❤️We hope that this tag will signify to others that you are open to having a chat or helping a fellow parent out.

🧡We hope that this tag will encourage you to check in on other new parents and ask them “are you ok?”

💛We hope that this tag will spark conversation in the park/playground/playgroup/supermarket or wherever you find yourself

💚We hope this tag might help if you are feeling lonely

💙We hope that this tag might help you to make friends

💜We hope you will act kindly and responsibly if you choose to wear or display it.

The tag is made from PVC  and is approx 9cm x 5cm.

Designed by Stacie Swift

All proceeds to PANDAS Foundation

Buggy Tag is made from PVC and is approx 9cm x 5cm

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