The Mother of All Pants

The Mother of All Pants

Postnatal pants

hospital bag essential!


5 pairs of postnatal pants in a pouch.

They are without a doubt the ugliest pants you will ever see, but my goodness they are insanely comfortable for any new mum who has just given birth, regardless of the way the baby came out!

  • They are super soft and stretchy.  One size fits all.  Trust us it really does.
  • They are washable and 5 pairs is the perfect number for dealing with postnatal bleeding which can last up to 6 weeks.
  • The pants fit snugly and will hold your choice of maternity pad in place.
  • They allow any Scars (from a Caesarean Section) or Stitches to breathe whilst healing.
  • And most importantly, you will not get a sweaty bottom!  You have to wear pants 24-7 for a few weeks and normal pants will give you a sweaty bum and fanny which is not cool!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL ** We have women who are size 22 who have found these very comfortable, but if you are not happy with your pants then please get in touch **

Please not that the product does look slightly different to the image, but it still does the same, brilliant job!


please note that you will not look anything like this model when you have just had a baby (or maybe ever)...