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Pregnancy Appointment Planner

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) which advises the NHS, suggests that healthy pregnant women should have the following appointments during their pregnancy with their midwife or doctor.  Please note that if you are having more than one baby or are having any medical issues during your pregnancy then you should take advice from your care giver about the scheduling of your appointments.

Please note that for many of these appointments it does not matter if you are a week or so behind or ahead.  The important appointments are the 12 week and 20 week scans which should be done within the time frames outlined below.

As soon as you are pregnant– make contact with your GP

8-10 weeks Booking Appointment at Hospital

11-14 weeks 12 week scan and Nuchal Scan if offered

16 weeks midwife appointment

18-20 weeks anomaly scan

25 weeks midwife appointment if this is your first baby

28 weeks midwife appointment

31 weeks midwife appointment if this is your first baby

34 weeks midwife appointment

36 weeks midwife appointment

38 weeks midwife appointment

40 weeks midwife appointment if this is your first baby

41 weeks midwife appointment if still pregnant

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