What if you already knew what to expect from the first months with your new baby?

After my local antenatal class, I still felt quite nervous about lots of things. The Postnatal Course helped me so much in terms of less pressure. No one else told me that breastfeeding might be hard. Or said: “After birth, this is what happens to your body”. That sort of stuff. Becca was just was so much more honest.


If you were running a marathon, would you wait until the day of the race before getting the truth about the challenge ahead of you?

Wouldn’t you be learning all you could – getting the best tips on how to stay motivated, push through the hard moments, and deal with pitfalls like blisters and nipple chafing?

Unlike a marathon – which is over within hours – the postnatal period lasts months. For some, it continues for years.

It’s an exciting time with your new arrival, but it can feel like running a 26-mile race…daily.

(And no one mentioned there would be hurdles!)

A lot of people go in underprepared. Pushing through the thrills and spills of the fourth trimester.

Googling, guessing and wondering – what about this? Is this normal? 

You could do the same. Or you could get the lowdown on what it’s really like.

The avalanche of advice...

You can’t remember half of what you’ve read or learned...

You’ve got the stack of recommended books – all crammed full of information...

Your antenatal class raised more questions than it answered – or you couldn’t get to a class at all…

When you talk to experienced parents it feels like you get the rose-tinted version…

Or you get the horror story – nothing in between…

What you need is clear and practical guidance that tells you how you’ll cope with an actual baby in the house.

Birth was my main focus for a while. But now, I'm a bit more terrified of what happens when you're left with this little tiny baby you've got to keep alive.


The Postnatal course from A Mother Place is designed to offer new baby advice you’ll actually remember via:

It’s the ultimate marathon-training course for (soon to be) brand new parents.

Becca Maberly grew up knowing the reality of childbirth: her father (and co-founder of A Mother Place) is a leading obstetrician and gynaecologist.

But she didn’t find out much about postnatal life until after she’d had her first son.

And when she did….she felt angry.

Why had nobody told her that some days would be a real struggle? That some babies don’t sleep? That you don’t always know how to stop your baby from crying? That it’s not all rainbows and butterflies?

A bit of warning would have helped. Why hadn’t anyone told her?

I was so lucky to have a great birth with my first. But what came after was a big shock. I created this course so other new parents didn’t have to learn about the gritty detail of postnatal life the hard way.

I feel like it could have been easier if someone had told me what to expect...

With this course, my aim is to make life easier for people having their babies now. Because I believe they can have a better time than I did. All parents should be equipped with information, reassurance and a friendly reminder that what they’re going through is normal and ok.

The lesson plan...

Expert advice from psychotherapist & postnatal anxiety specialist Anna Mathur  
Routine and sleep advice from guest expert Heidi Skudder aka The Parent and Baby Coach

Guest expert feeding advice from Lactation Consultant Maria Myers IBCLC aka Milk Making Mama

Access to a private Telegram Chat Group so you can find extra support and vent your parenting hiccups at Becca and other parents!

If I'm struggling one day, I know, okay, well, Becca’s got a video on this, I could have a little look at that


The postnatal course costs less than a pregnancy massage.
Or that baby-wipe warmer you’ve had your eye on...
And the benefits will last a lot longer.
Get judgement-free, no-agenda advice from a straight-talking expert who’s been there and done it.


This is completely up to you. There are some elements you may wish to explore or educate yourself about before the baby arrives, and likewise there are some that may feel more relevant a few days or weeks after the baby comes. Some women take the course during their 3rd Trimester and some prefer to wait until their baby is earth-side!
We talk about all the feeding options available to you and your baby and we make no judgment about your decisions regarding the way you feed your baby as we know they will be very personal and not taken lightly.
As long as you need. There is no time limit.

Other courses didn’t tell me what to expect on day one when I came home with a baby, or what’s going to happen to my body. It was just really practical – that was that was what I found most useful.


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