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Should I Massage My Perineum? Is there any point?


We asked our fab followers if they massaged their perineum? 

Was it Painful? Difficult? Waste of time? Invaluable? Pleasurable?

Here are some of the best comments 
    • I might have done once or twice with my first. This time I don’t really have time. It’s enough having to harvest colostrum. Perineal massage might send me over the edge!
    • I did it, it made me want to hurl and was really awkward/weird feeling. But I didn’t tear, so I figure it did something useful. As for my perineum, all I remember thinking about it was it was bloody sweaty, and probably a bit of a state considering the heat rash which must have been going on down there and speculation mind, I hadn’t been able to see it for months. Still, all that paled into insignificance after an episiotomy anyway!
    • Religiously for months. Not on iota of difference. Tear that turned into episiotomy. All three times I gave birth naturally. Never gave up hoping though!
    • I tried once and it wasn’t at all like I had imagined and made me feel really uncomfortable and i never tried again!
    • I did with my first and still had shocking tear and about a gazillion stitches. Also tore with my second but not nearly as badly.

    • I tried it, felt really weird and a bit oompfy to do with a big bump in the way, and then didn’t make a jot of difference anyway
    • Bought the oil with good intention, saw the instructional diagrams and nearly threw up on myself. Now I’m sat here with a dozen stitches wondering if I should have just sucked it up!

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