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Pelvic Floor and Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor Exercises.
One of the most important forms of exercise is Pelvic Floor Exercise. In fact most physiotherapists would say that these are THE most important form of exercise.
Most women have a vague idea that exercising the Pelvic Floor is important, but many are not sure WHY! And even more are not sure HOW!

What is the Pelvic Floor?
The Pelvic Floor is a set of muscles that are positioned between the pubic bone (at the front- inside your pubes) and your tailbone (the bottom of your spine, just above your bum crack!). The muscles sit like a hammock and hold all your pelvic organs in place. This includes your bladder, bowel, uterus and vagina.

Why is it Important?
When these muscles are working well they support the bladder and bowel and work with them to let you pee and poo when you need to! They also support your vagina and are really important for your sex life (being able to clench and make it tighter rather than loose).
If they are not working well then you may experience urinary incontinence (wee), faecal incontinence (poo) or flatus incontinence (fart)…none of which are pleasant!

How does Pregnancy Affect The Pelvic Floor?
As you can imagine, the weight of a growing baby in your uterus is going to put stress on this muscle and regardless of whether or not you push a baby out of your vagina or out of the sun roof, it will feel different after you have had a baby. The muscles will be weakened which can put you at risk of several nasty things –
· Incontinence (weeing, pooing and farting)
· Prolapse (where your pelvic organs drop down and sometimes fall out towards the opening of your vagina)
· Reduced Sexual Sensitivity (which you may not care about so much in the first few weeks after giving birth.. but you will do again one day)

How Can I Strengthen My Pelvic Floor?
Regular Pelvic Floor exercises, sometimes called Kegels, can help strengthen the Pelvic Floor. Just like any muscle in your body, regular training and use will keep it in good condition.

What Exercises Should I be doing?
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