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Our complete guide to pregnancy, labour and birth in an online course

The Antenatal Course

£ 39
  • Learn what to expect, what to look out for, and how to prepare for birth
  • Bite-sized video lessons on every aspect of pregnancy and labour. Return and rewatch video lessons any time
  • Access to private Telegram Chat group for extra support
  • No-agenda guide to what happens in labour from Obstetrician Roger Marwood
  • BONUS guests- Midwife Marley teaching Hypnobirthing; Jane Wake with a comprehensive guide to exercising safely in pregnancy
  • Downloadable checklists so you can remember and prepare for birth and your baby


Our complete guide to everything you need to know once your baby has arrived.

The postnatal Course

£ 39
  • Learn everything you need to prepare for life AFTER birth- The stuff that NOBODY tells you!
  • 75 mini topics- from your relationship with your partner to your baby's routines and help with feeding
  • Bite-sized, video content you can go back and rewatch any time. Lifetime access so you can dip in to top up your knowledge.
  • Access to private Telegram Chat group for 24 hr support from like-minded mums
  • BONUS guest experts- lactation consultant Maria Betsworth (Milk Making Mama); baby sleep specialist Heidi Skudder (The Parent and Baby Coach); psychotherapist Anna Mathur


Because we aren't superheros but we are all absolutely SUPER mums!

The Super Mum Course

£ 15
  • Rebuild your self-confidence
  • Identify the self-care you need (it’s not selfish!)
  • Put meaningful support in place
  • Truly harness your unique superpowers (you have them already, I promise)
  • Step-by-step plans, checklists and written resources to help you put it all into action.


all of us mums need lots of both!

Snacks & Support

£ 8 per month
  • Whether you have a new baby, a toddler, or school-age children, it’s normal to wonder if you’re getting anything right. The truth is you’re smashing it, you just need to believe it’s true. Armed with support, answers and guidance, you’ll see that you're doing so well!
  • Join our private membership group for snacks, support and LIVE chats about everything that's on your mind!
A deep dive into your big issues

The Confidence Call

£ 199
  • Parenting? Self-image? Relationships? Your confidence? Your career? Lets thrash it out with an in depth questionnaire and a one-on-one call.
  • Strategies that work, tailored to your needs. The space that you deserve and need to focus on yourself
empower yourself at home and at work

The Work / Life Balance Program

£ 10
  • How is your work-life balance? Non-existent? Slightly off-kilter? Are you willing to keep on struggling? Or is it time to do something about it?
  • The Work-Life Balance Programme will help you to work out ways to restore balance. To make changes so that you can thrive, whilst doing the best for your family too. Just £10...

My partner and I have just completed the online course and were super impressed with the content and information on offer! It answered an awful lot of questions that we had and has given us a real confidence boost in the run up to our first baby. Thank you very much for creating this valuable resource.

Clare L

Recent Reviews

I had a really tough time after having my first baby, I so wish I had come across Becca & A Mother Place before having him but I knew that I needed to shift my mindset before having my second baby. The postnatal course helped so much and I recommend it/ will continue to recommend and buy it for anyone about to become a mum. Invaluable and you just don’t get that help and advice anywhere, at least without looking for it. 
Genuinely helpful - just what I was looking for!
A really honest and genuinely helpful course that has helped me feel confident and prepared for the months ahead as a new, first-time mum. The additional videos with the lactation consultant and sleep consultants# are also so reassuring, I would genuinely recommend to anyone who is pregnant or post-partum and looking for reassurance and advice. Thank you!
A refreshing and caring approach to becoming a new mom
This course offers you a refreshing and confident way to approaching to your new role as a mom. It offers good advice on the good, bad and funny moments on the journey of motherhood.I felt that this course is honest, factual, informative but not there to scare you! It's so easy to complete on any device.
I would highly recommend this course to new mom's.
Good to hear some honesty around being a mum
Just what I needed to reinforce that what I’m doing is ok and sometimes the way i feel is normal and Im not the worst mum in the world. 
Just what I needed
I bought this course in the weeks after birth when the baby blues had taken hold and I was in a bad place. This course should be given to every expectant mother as it’s so helpful and real without scaremongering! It saved me in the early days and weeks and I still go back to it occasionally four months on. Would recommend to every pregnant friend from now on!
Genuinely brilliant advice
Genuinely brilliant advice - knowing what to expect makes it all that much easier. The pants are so worth getting too!

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