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Our complete guide to pregnancy, labour and birth in an online course

The Antenatal Course

39 £ 29
  • Learn what to expect, what to look out for, and how to prepare for birth
  • Bite-sized video lessons on every aspect of pregnancy and labour
  • Return and rewatch video lessons any time
  • No-agenda guide to what happens in labour from Obstetrician Roger Marwood
  • BONUS guests- Midwife Marley teaching Hypnobirthing; Jane Wake with a comprehensive guide to exercising safely in pregnancy
  • Downloadable checklists so you can remember and prepare for birth and your baby
All the expert advice and reassurance you’ll need for your first year of parenthood

The postnatal Course

39 £ 29
  • Learn everything you need to prepare for life AFTER birth- The stuff that NOBODY tells you!
  • 75 mini topics- from your relationship with your partner to your baby's routines and help with feeding
  • Bite-sized, video content you can go back and rewatch any time
  • Lifetime access so you can dip in to top up your knowledge
  • BONUS guest experts- lactation consultant Maria Betsworth (Milk Making Mama); baby sleep specialist Heidi Skudder (The Parent and Baby Coach); psychotherapist Anna Mathur

My partner and I have just completed the online course and were super impressed with the content and information on offer! It answered an awful lot of questions that we had and has given us a real confidence boost in the run up to our first baby. Thank you very much for creating this valuable resource.

Clare L

Introducing our new course which is already helping hundreds of mums

The Super Mum Course

£ 15
  • Rebuild your self-confidence
  • Identify the self-care you need (it’s not selfish!)
  • Put meaningful support in place
  • Truly harness your unique superpowers (you have them already, I promise)
  • Step-by-step plans, checklists and written resources to help you put it all into action.

Recent Reviews

Good to hear some honesty around being a mum
Just what I needed to reinforce that what I’m doing is ok and sometimes the way i feel is normal and Im not the worst mum in the world. 
Just what I needed
I bought this course in the weeks after birth when the baby blues had taken hold and I was in a bad place. This course should be given to every expectant mother as it’s so helpful and real without scaremongering! It saved me in the early days and weeks and I still go back to it occasionally four months on. Would recommend to every pregnant friend from now on!
Genuinely brilliant advice
Genuinely brilliant advice - knowing what to expect makes it all that much easier. The pants are so worth getting too!
Honest and refreshing
I've really enjoyed the course - much like the Instagram page with all the content available there, it is honest, down-to-earth but factual and not fear-mongering. I appreciated the addition of other professionals such as Heidi, "theparentandbabycoach", and the lactation consultant, Maria. In particular, I was grateful for the videos Maria did addressing ALL forms of infant feeding, giving each format its own time and space. Now I just need the baby to arrive so I can apply all this new knowledge!
Cannot recommend it enough!
I did an "in person" NHS provided course in my first pregnancy and it was helpful to a point but it wasn't really as honest as it could have been and a lot of things were glossed over or just ignored. That is absolutely not the case with A Mother Place, this course is honest, factual, informative but not there to scare you! It's so easy to complete on any device and even second time around I've learnt so much. Get on it!
Great Course! Informative and down to earth.
I found this course very informative and presented in a down to earth, user friendly manner. All information/ jargon was easy to understand with great downloads and extra snippets of advice to consider. Would highly recommend to prospective mothers no matter how far along in their pregnancy as you can watch 2 or 3 sessions in one go and not feel too overwhelmed with information. Thank you!    

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