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How Often Should I Feel My Baby Move?

There is no exact answer to this, BUT if at any stage between now and the birth you are worried about the baby’s movements, then you must go into hospital.

This is perhaps one of the most important messages you can take away from this online class – if you’re worried about the baby’s movements, just go to the hospital.

If you are worried about your baby's movements you should go into hospital

Don’t go to your GP, don’t go to an A&E, just go to your Labour Ward. If you think the baby is not moving the way it should be moving or has not moved like it did yesterday or you’re worried about his or her movements then don’t be put off, it is important to get the baby checked out.

As soon as you get there you will be seen immediately and usually as soon as a monitor is strapped onto your tummy, you will see that the baby is fine. You will never be made to feel silly or like a time waster for going into the hospital if you are worried about your baby’s movements.

It can also be handy as it gives you a practice run. It can be really helpful for knowing where to park, where the lifts are and where the entry to the Labour Ward is. Not every hospital now offers tours of the wards or birthing centres, so quite often you may not know what they are like until you are in labour. So, having the baby’s movements checked can be a good opportunity to see the labour ward in action and have a practice run. You also get a chance to meet some of the staff, which can often be very reassuring.

There are a few other situations that may require a hospital trip, so make sure you are familiar with all of those just in case. Sign up for your  Antenatal Classes now to make sure you are fully prepared.

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