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The Mother of All Journals

This journal is here to help you grab a little slice of calm, me-time in the chaos.

It’s a paper-based space where you’ll find the support, encouragement, hacks and humour you need to get you through one of the most nerve-wracking, challenging, but awesome times of your life.

It’s for new mums, not so new mums, overwhelmed mums, mums of boys, mums of girls, mums of many, mums of one, mums to be, lonely mums, busy mums, under-appreciated mums, frustrated mums, great mums and mums who don’t think they’re so great but are actually killing it.

You won’t find specific dates in this journal; you’ve got too much on your plate for that. Fill it in as and when you have time and space for a little self-care.


My book!

Everything that Nobody Tells You about pregnancy, going back to work after having a baby, and everything in between.

It’s no secret, becoming a parent is a privilege and a joy but it can also be a struggle. At every stage from getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, to the postnatal period you are met with advice on what to do and what not to do and it seems like everyone has an opinion even if they are not a parent.

This collection brings together more than 100 honest accounts from the likes of Molly Gunn, Megan Rose Lane, Dr Stepanie Ooi and Victoria Eames. You won’t find any scaremongering or sugar coating in this book – just reassuring ad practical advice from experts alongside personal stories that prove there’s no “right” way to do it.


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