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Hospital Bag, What to Pack?

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Its so hard to know what you will need for your time in hospital because you do not know how long you will be staying, you don’t know what size your baby will be,  you don’t know how many poos they will do, how many nappies you will want and how many clean babygros you will need!

What about you? How many sanitary towels will you need? How many pairs of knickers? What will you want to wear in bed and when you leave the hospital?

Some items you will want to take in to the hospital when you go into labour, and some you can leave in car  or get your husband or partner to bring after birth.  How do you know which things to pack in which bags?

Do not worry! We have all the answers for you.

To download “The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing Guide”  head over to our Essentials Online Antenatal Classes and you will find it in Class 3!  When you sign up you will get details to our closed Facebook Page where you can chat with other women about things they found useful and things they wished they had brought!

Have you spoken to your partner about the birth yet? It’s a good idea for you guys to be on the same page before the big day so that he can be as supportive as possible.  We have some great advice for your partner – so maybe just point them in this direction!

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