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What Happens at Your 6 Week Postnatal Check with your GP? What Should I Expect?

What Happens at 6 week check after birth

We posted this and asked our community, “Did anything more detailed than this happen at your 6 week postnatal check? Were you expecting more? We have heard that some women aren’t even being offered 6 week check ups anymore. What was your experience like?”

What Happens at 6 week check after birth

We had an overwhelming response
    • I didn’t even get a postnatal check for either or my children, now age 6 and 4. Apparently not all GPs do them.
    • That pretty much sums up my 6 week postnatal check. Lots of checks for baby tho!!
    • At my six week check my GP asked if I’d had any “accidents” to which I replied “Well, I tripped up the stairs this morning”. DOH! Oh how we laughed.  This is what mine was like. Didn’t check my stomach or anything and I’m pretty sure I’d had a small hernia after labour. I also had to argue for an appointment as they were too busy x
    • Pretty much that. Do you have enough support? (errrr no) are you OK? (errrr no) contraception? (say whut?!). Oh how we laughed when the nurse told me about how she had two babies in 12mo.
    • Have to say that my 6 wk check wasn’t ideal. The first time the appointment got messed up so after waiting for 90 mins I was sent home. Not great. Second time I got a mini lecture about divorce rates if you have two under two… dreamy ?
    • Mine checked my scar and asked me if I had ever thought of harming myself or my baby and that was IT. Shocking really. Baby was checked top to toe though.
  • Just had it today. Did the Edinburgh PND (postnatal depression) calculator, asked about bleeding, breastfeeding and not much else honestly, I don’t think he had an enormous amount of time and he wanted to crack on with baby’s examinations. Sweet young GP, doing his best in a Tory ravaged primary care unit in the poorest part of east London. I’m astounded young doctors even want to be GP’s anymore.
Not all Positive Comments Sadly.
    • My (female) GP couldn’t get me out fast enough. Was I ok? (Err, define ‘ok’ with a 6 week old!) and had i thought about contraception…. I then asked HER to check my tear stitches (so that’s a no on the contraception then!) and if I had a tummy separation. Most mums I know had roughly the same experience ?Mine freaked out when checking my episiotomy wound telling me how awful it was. Not ideal for a doctor to freak out. Sent me into a mega panic. Although I couldn’t sit for 9wks so it was bad. She also said if I gave up breastfeeding to take oestrogen it would heal quicker. Also not helpful.
    • Had mine today. Kept us waiting an hour in the waiting room, by which point my son was starving and screaming. We were rushed through – could hardly measure him / check him as he was thrashing around with his eyes shut distressed and starving. Was asked a few questions by the doc (“sleeping ok? Feeding ok?”) and he said “I’ll just put satisfactory then. That’s it, off you go”. I asked if he was going to check me to which he suggested a see a different doctor, asked me if I had a normal delivery (I had, but episiotomy) and he said “I’d say you’re fine, just get a blood pressure check. Sorry, but I’ve got 5 patients waiting…”. Needless to say I was raging ?
  • Mine was horrendous. Baby checked thoroughly, however it was a completely different story with me. I had an episiotomy that the stitches had torn apart so I had an open wound, didn’t check it, barely even referenced it, didn’t ask about bleeding (I was still bleeding extremely heavily) and just asked me what contraceptive I would like and tutted when I said it was quite literally the last thing on my mind!

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