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The Birth

Pain Relief during Labour

80% of Women Will Need Pain Relief During Labour 10-20 percent of women give birth without pain relief. But most other women will need significant

Induction of Labour

Why Induction? In 20% of women, labour may need to be induced. There are several reasons for this, some because of concerns about the baby

Stages of Labour

There are 3 Stages of Labour. The First stage is from the start of labour until the cervix (neck of the womb) is fully open


Your 6 Week Check

The 6 week check used to be a bit of a milestone and something that new mums looked forward to. It was a chance to chat to your GP about your birth, how you were coping and to take some advice on contraception, pelvic floor and perhaps weight loss. Today, GPs are so overstretched this often does not take place.

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