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Flying, Hair Dye and Progesterone

I am 43 and 4 weeks pregnant. I miscarried at 8 weeks in April. I am due to fly to France this week, but it isn’t urgent. I have a hair appointment for colour on Tuesday. Should I continue with these things as normal or, at my age, should I treat this pregnancy as more fragile?  I am taking progesterone tablets as I had been experiencing spotting during my normal cycle & I have decided to continue taking this as a precaution.  

Flying at this stage in pregnancy is safe and a short flight does not put you at extra risk of blood clots.

The scientific evidence on hair dyes in pregnancy shows no increased risk to the fetus when used in a sensible normal way (maybe 4 times in the pregnancy).

Most progesterone preparations are safe in pregnancy and are often used to support the early stages when there is a history of recurrent miscarriage.

But some products are not advisable and any drugs in pregnancy should only be taken under the direction of your doctor, so please take advice.

As a general rule you should avoid drugs in pregnancy unless really needed.



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