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Her favourite topics are

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Loss of Identity

  • The Mental Load

  • Not Loving Every Moment


Recent Experience

She is an ambassador for the Working Families charity and helps moderate their regular webinars on Flexible Working with around 200 attendees including  EDI, HR teams and Staff Network Chairs from companies like Barclays and BP.

Ran a panel event for Women of EMEA at Nike Headquarters covering the topics of Work-Life Balance, the “Mental Load” and the myth of Being Able to Do It All!

She helped create and then spoke on a panel for International Women’s Day at Albany Beck London with Deutsche Bank  on the subject of Imposter Syndrome, Work-Life Balance and The Mental Load

She has been a regular speaker at The Baby Show and runs weekly, live webinars with a large group of parents all over the UK and Europe.

She has appeared on Newsnight, she has spoken on BBC radio and appeared in multiple newspapers and magazines. 

Becca added enormous value to our recent IWD panel talk, where she joined industry leaders from the city and gave us a real insight into her experience around important topics such as imposter syndrome & maintaining work life balance. She brought and shared a wealth of knowledge on all things female/family/girl boss, in such a real & organic way. We all came away from the panel, after hearing Becca speaking, feeling totally empowered and more confident due to her refreshing honesty and consuming energy.” 

Celia Johnson, Albany Beck

We have been lucky to have Becca hosting our parenthood community’s panel session during International Women Month.

She brought in a refreshingly honest point of view on the daily challenges that working parents have to go through, with particular attention to the topic of mental load and tips to ease this feeling.

She has been amazing at creating a setting where all participants could be open and willing to interact, getting to the unfiltered truth about parental taboos and at the same time reinforcing the idea that we are not alone in this.”

Alice – Network Lead

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