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It’s not for the fainthearted that’s for sure!

So my TOP tip would be not to bother, but, if it’s too late and it’s actually happening, then these are my other tips to make your trip better than you expected!

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      • Frozen boxed wine! Buy some boxed wine, take it out of the box, stick in the freezer overnight and not only will you have lovely cold wine all weekend, it will also help keep your other food and drink cold in your cool box! Check out Laylo for absolutely delicious boxed wine! And use the code BECCA10 for £10 off your first order.

      • Ear Plugs and Eye Mask. The kids wake early, other campers fart and snore all night, the birds are extra loud and you are going to sleep pretty badly anyway, so you may as well do everything you can to bag a few extra minutes or hours! This eye mask is the bees knees!

      • Marshmallows and Chocolate Digestives. Much easier than trying to assemble proper ‘Smores! These giant marshmallows are amazing and don’t forget the LONG sticks so the kids don’t burn their hands.




        • Phone Charger. Because I know from experience that if you charge your phone in your car, you will drain the car battery, and you’ll have to jump start the car when you’re leaving!!!! This one is brilliant and charges your phone multiple times and has no annoying wires hanging off it!

        • Start cooking early. Even heating up food takes so much longer in the great outdoors, so get going with the food an hour earlier than you would at home. For the speediest supper you can;t beat 2 minute Tortellini or Gnocchi and pesto! Things like pre-made bolognese, chilli con carne and curries are great for older kids and adults. If you are doing rice..bring BOIL IN THE BAG STUFF!

        • Start bedtime early. The kids are always over excited, so get their teeth brushed and get them into their PJs nice and early.

        • Bring more clothes and blankets than you think you would need. Put socks on all the kids and hats too if they get cold easily. The temperature often plummets in the very early hours and you don’t want the kids waking up before the birds!

        • Bring wet wipes (eco friendly ones obvs) or a skin-friendly spray and some kitchen towel. Everyone needs their hands, faces and bottoms wiping multiple times, throughout the day and it can be a real pain to have to head to the campsite bathroom everytime! I love this Mini Luna Daily Spray to Wipe and also their Everywhere Wash which you can use on faces, bums and armpits and it’s great for all the family!

      If the weather is great (not too hot and not too cold and not too wet), you get a decent night sleep (more than 5 hours), the wine doesn’t run out, the snacks don’t run out, the tent doesn’t blow down or leak, the air mattress doesn’t deflate, and the kids don’t behave like d*cks, then you might just enjoy yourself!

      I hope these tips help! If you find them useful let me know, and feel free to pass them on.

      Happy Camping dudes!!!



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