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Breastfeeding Tips From One Mother To Another

We asked our amazing community of followers on Instagram for their Top Tips for feeding (by breast or bottle) and the response was overwhelming!

The advice we received from everyone was too good to just be consigned to last week’s scroll-through, so we thought best to create one big awesome post full of helpful advice from one mother to another!

breastfeeding tips a mother place

Please note that the tips are not from experts, but from real life mums. Some quotes have been edited to make them easier to read.

It Doesn’t Always Feel Easy and it Can Hurt!

“I would say don’t expect it to be easy just because it is natural. I really struggled at first and it was a complete shock to me. Surrounding ourself with support is key, especially if you are determined. As for help if it does not feel right and trust your instincts”

“It takes a while to get used to the sensation.”

Cures for Sore Nipples

“Nipple Cream and Breast Milk is the perfect medicine for sore nips”

“Lanolin from the get go! Not just when it gets sore”

“Multi-Mam balm and Multi-Mam Compresses, herbal and lanolin-free and great consistency”

Lots of Love for Nipple Shields!

“Breastfeeding is hard! I struggled for the first few weeks with sore nipples and thankfully was able to pump until we could go back to breast. I would recommend nipple shields which were a Godsend. I managed to breastfeed until 18 months in the end. “

“It was agonising in the first few days and I used Nipple Shields for 36 hours on day 3 and the difference it made was phenomenal.”

“Don’t be afraid to use nipple shields if it is painful in the first few weeks or if you are struggling to get the baby to latch on. It is a real learning process for both you and the baby and shields can ease the stress and help soothe things whilst your nipples harden up and you can wean yourself off them when you are ready.”

Some Great Tips for Staying Comfortable Whilst Feeding

“Never start feeding until you have the remote control!”

“Nothing worse than trying to reach the remote with your feet and it falling on the floor and then you’re stuck watching Gardners World”

breastfeeding tips a mother place

“Nobody tells you about positions which are suitable if you have large breasts, I struggled and strained my neck. I called a lactation consultant who showed me how to position myself better for my body type.”

breastfeeding tips from instangram a mother place

“I was told at breastfeeding class that if it hurts, you are doing it wrong. I experienced excruciating nipple soreness and was distraught thinking I was doing it wrong. Turns out that my nipples just weren’t used to being sucked for hours on each day. I wouldn’t have bene in such a state if someone had told me about this.”

Don’t Feel Guilty If you Need to Bottle Feed

“I felt so guilty about stopping breastfeeding, and I still do 6 months on. Also, the assumption from other women that you are breastfeeding can make me feel very ashamed that I couldn’t hack it. You read lots of stories about how wonderful it is but you don’t hear much about how hard it is”

“If you choose to bottle feed don’t feel guilty. Many children are exclusively bottle fed formula and are just as happy and healthy as breastfed children”

“Fed is best. If breastfeeding isn’t working for you or the baby then you can stop. This does not make you a bad mum”

And if it all gets too much….

breastfeeding tips a mother place

For lots more awesome advice, make sure you check out our Online Courses, and head over to instagram to join our growing tribe of new parents!



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