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Breastfeeding- Everything you need to know.

Breastfeeding can be such a difficult time for so many women and there is so much conflicting advice to be found on the internet.  We have so many wonderful articles written by breastfeeding specialists such as Charlotte Young IBCLC that we decided to collect them all together for you in one easy to read article.

We hope that they help you.

1.  How to Prevent and Treat Sore Nipples – Charlotte Young IBCLC.

During both antenatal and postnatal consultations, it never fails to amaze me how many mothers expect breastfeeding to hurt…(more)

2.  Practical Tips for Breast or Bottle Feeding Mothers – The Doctor and Daughter

-Stock up on some DVD box sets to watch whilst you are breastfeeding.

-You have to have a smart phone- breastfeeding can take so long and be so boring especially in the middle of the night.  Its great to be able to message other mothers you know who are awake or trawl Facebook or the Daily Mail website!

-Try and master the art of breastfeeding lying down! It is great for night time feeds!…(more)

3.  FAQ on Breast and Bottle feeding with Charlotte Young IBCLC

Q-  Is it safe to have a glass of wine whilst I am breastfeeding?

A- a glass is usually considered fine. It’s estimated < 2% of the alcohol reaches BM – so to transfer significant amounts, you would be too drunk to look after a baby…(more)

4. Stop Bickering About Breastfeeding – Rebecca Maberly- The Doctor’s Daughter

Before I set up this website, I had absolutely no idea how contentious the subject of breastfeeding was.  I had breastfed my son, very painfully and therefore begrudgingly, for 16 weeks and hated every minute….(more)

5. What is the Correct way to Make up Formula? – Charlotte Young IBCLC

I’ve read you have to use water hotter than 70 degrees and make the feeds up as required, but a lot of mums I speak to don’t do this as it’s quite new information and babies have been fine for years without it and over cleaning is just as bad.  Who is right?…(more)

6.  Products that helped when Breastfeeding – Rebecca Maberly, The Doctor’s Daughter

Here are some products that really really helped when I was having a tough time breastfeeding…(more)

7.  The Case Against Breastfeeding – Hanna Rosin

In my playground set, the urban moms in their tight jeans and oversize sunglasses size each other up using a whole range of signifiers: organic content of snacks, sleekness of stroller, ratio of tasteful wooden toys to plastic. But breast-feeding is the real ticket into the club…(more)

8.  Mixing Bottle and Breast- It Doesn’t have to be All or Nothing – Charlotte Young IBCLC

Several mums I’ve spoken to recently have mentioned it’s hard to find good information about mix-feeding.  Often breastfeeding websites don’t discuss it as they promote exclusive breastfeeding and the reasons for doing so.  Similarly some mums are nervous about asking too many breastmilk questions on bottle-feeding forums, for fear it may upset those not breastfeeding at all.  Mix feeding, combination feeding…(more)

If you enjoyed these articles and would like to read more, please have a look at our Breastfeeding Pages.



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