The Antenatal Course

A reassuring, fact-filled birth prep course taught by an expert team

Becca brings real warmth and approachability to learning this stuff.

Ruth, GP (34 weeks pregnant)

You want to know what happens in childbirth, without feeling like there’s a right or wrong way.

You want all the details …

… but in your own time (and on your own sofa)

Antenatal courses can have a bit of a reputation.

Perhaps you’re worried about an agenda on the ‘right’ way to labour, or feed your baby.

Maybe in-person classes – breathing exercises and talking vaginas in a room full of other couples – sounds cringe.

Or perhaps it’s too much of a time commitment. You have better things to do with your pre-baby evenings!

But you might have heard that births are unpredictable, and you’d like to know more...

If you’ve ever wanted to pin down a labour-ward doctor, or another mum, and ask them every question on your mind

If you want to know what happens in labour – from first contractions (or no contractions) to the baby being out, and all the different ways it can go

If you want to feel clued-up without feeling preached to
If you already did an antenatal course but you still have unanswered questions…

You need clear, practical guidance and facts about birth. A course you can watch (and re-watch) at your own pace, on your own sofa, when you feel ready. And a private chat group for extra support.

My birth didn't go to plan. And that was okay. I was really quite relaxed thanks to the course.

I was induced – no problem at all. The doctors explained the potential escalation of interventions, which I obviously already knew from watching the videos.


The Antenatal Course from A Mother Place is designed to give you the full, no-agenda low-down on pregnancy and childbirth, via:

Instant access to a fact-filled library of video lessons on every aspect of pregnancy and labour. Re-watch as and when you like.

Lessons from an expert father-daughter team. Becca Maberly, author of Nobody Tells You: 100 Truths about Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, and Consultant Obstetrician Roger Marwood, who has had 40 years’ experience working in a busy NHS hospital

Private Telegram Chat group to chat to those going through the same thing. (it’s like Whatsapp but better!)

BONUS guest expert Midwife Marley, teaching hypnobirthing – including the all-important breathing techniques for different stages of labour
BONUS Pregnancy exercise expert Jane Wake with a comprehensive guide to exercising safely in pregnancy
BONUS downloadable checklists and written guides for easy reference

The course is really practical on the mechanics of labour.

But also gives loads of detail on what it can feel like emotionally. So it really helps you get in the right headspace.


A lot of women don’t get the gritty details until their actual birth experience – and find antenatal courses prescriptive about the ‘right’ way to do things.

Growing up with a labour-ward doctor as a father, Becca Maberly knew more than most about the reality of childbirth.

After having her own children, Becca joined forces with her dad and founded A Mother Place so they could combine and share their knowledge with parents-to-be.

Becca says:

I set up this course with you in mind if:

  • You can’t get to an in-person course
  • You don’t feel like sitting in a room full of couples, practicing breathing techniques, or watching water-birth videos…
  • You’d simply rather do your pregnancy homework on your own sofa, in your loungewear!


When 2020 hit, a lot of people woke up to the benefits of online learning… You don’t need to take notes! Or ask the teacher to repeat themselves!

You’ve got the info at your fingertips when you forget what was said, or want to go over the more complicated bits one more time. And best of all, you can do it at home.

But that’s not all that’s great, or different, about this course.

It’s designed to guide you through the what-ifs and could-be’s that play on your mind, and let you relax more about what’s coming.

When you’re aware of the full spectrum of potential births, you’ll feel empowered to make decisions and go with the flow.


And you’ll understand that whatever happens, you’re not getting anything ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to your birth.

What’s inside the course?

Buy the Antenatal course today and get immediate access to everything:


Exercising while pregnant with expert Jane Wake

4 videos on relaxation, safe exercise, cardio and strength training


Guide to Hypnobirthing from Midwife Marley.

2 calming videos teaching breathing techniques

Plus: What to expect after your birth

A bonus video module + 2 fact sheets,  covering all aspects of life after the birth:

what nobody tells you about the first hours and days with your new baby. 

I’m a GP and I've worked on a labour ward, so I know the ins and outs.

Being able to do the course at my own leisure was huge, with short, to-the-point videos to jog my memory.
The course presents things like pain relief options clearly, in a really neutral way… It helped me feel OK about being open to an epidural. You don’t always feel that way with antenatal courses.
The dynamic of having Becca – who has given birth – and her dad – a doctor who’s delivered many, many babies – was great.

Ruth, GP

The Antenatal Course will take you under 3 hours to complete.

It’ll cost about the same as a takeaway for two...

But it’ll see you through one of the major events of your life – primed, ready and equipped with essential knowledge.
And maybe with some new mates too!


No! You can start any time. Some parts may not feel relevant just yet, but you have unlimited access so as your pregnancy progressed, you can just pick up again when you are ready to learn more.
No! It is never too late to start. You can do the whole course in a few hours and it will bring you up to speed in the same time as watching a film!
Yes. Lots of second time mums enjoy the recap. It can be really useful to have a reminder of the things that you may have found you have forgotten since your last baby. If you had a tricky or traumatic birth then you might find this course very helpful in preparing you for your next birth.
It is a series of short videos with subtitles and handy PDFs covering absolutely everything you need to know before you give birth. There is also access to a private Facebook group where you can discuss anything you like.

We are pro whatever works best for you and your baby. We think it is really important to learn about how the body is designed to give birth, and what your options are if Mother Nature does not play ball. The knowledge you will gain from this course will empower you to make informed decisions for you and your baby if and when the time comes.

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