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We believe every woman deserves the full, unfiltered story about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Yep, we said unfiltered. After all, what’s the one comment every new mum makes after having a baby? ’Nobody told me!’ A Mother Place is on a mission to change that.

Through our courses and community, we give parents honest, balanced and non-judgemental advice. We celebrate the amazing moments, but we don’t sugar coat the tricky bits or promote the ‘perfect’ way to do things. Instead, we’re passionate about giving quality advice that’s agenda-free (check out our huge range of free guides created with our resident obstetrician Roger Marwood), and supporting parents in making the right choices for them and their family. And through our lively Instagram community and book, we provide daily doses of advice, moral support and much needed LOLs – we’re not just here for D-day.

Ultimately, A Mother Place believes in all those things your favourite teacher used to tell you – that knowledge is power, and that preparation is key. We know from firsthand experience that unrealistic expectations can all too easily lead to disappointment and even depression during the postnatal period. No one should feel like they’ve failed at motherhood before they’ve even begun.

So if you think that hypnobirthing sounds great but so might pain relief, are scared to ask whether you’ll do a poo in labour, or don't dare admit that you're not loving motherhood, welcome to A Mother Place....

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