What Kind of Birth Did Amal Clooney Have?

amal clooney gives birth to twins in comfort

  • Loving this article on where Amal Clooney may or may not have given birth  “George was adamant that his wife would give birth in the utmost comfort!” ?? ? ? ? ?? ?   OH WOW lucky Amal, surrounded by lovely fluffy pillows, a fridge full of Organic Agave Nectar and Dom Pérignon and bunches of the rarest, specially imported, Singaporean Orchids…she really will have given birth in the utmost comfort ???

  • Either the person writing this, or George Clooney, has not attended an antenatal class or indeed ever seen or heard a labouring woman! Spending £120,000 sadly does not buy you the birth of your dreams!GET REAL people! Nobody gets to chose a “comfortable” birth, not even the richest and most beautiful people in the world. You can throw all the money you like at it, but it is essentially out of your control. If you understand that then you may feel happier with the outcome if things do not go according to plans.
  • I wonder if Amal had a look at our FREE Online Antenatal Classes? She is a pretty busy woman and probably didn’t have time to attend her local NCT classes! And I heard she wanted to save a few bob with twins on the way and everything, so she probably did check out our classes, in which case she will have been fully prepared and confident about the birth process and her options!
  • Be smart, be like Amal and do our classes. And if you have a pregnant friend, please do share with them.