perineal massage stitches

Perineal Massage? Is there any point?

perineal massage stitches



  • I nearly spat out my fully caffeinated tea with non-organic cows milk when I read this.
    @bunmiladitan is a self-professed domestic failure and a funny funny woman who can make you laugh even when we are surrounded by horrific and unspeakable news stories. ?? ❤️
  • Whilst we are on the subject, did you massage your perineum? Thoughts please? Was it Painful? Difficult? Waste of time? Invaluable? Pleasurable?
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Here are some great comments from some of our followers- 

  • claireybell100Lol! I giggled at this. I might have done once or twice with my first. This time I don’t really have time. It’s enough having to harvest colostrum. Perineal massage might send me over the edge! (Gestational diabetes.. ?)
  • verity_ashtonI did it, it made me want to hurl and was really awkward/weird feeling. But I didn’t tear, so I figure it did something useful.claire_roisin_freiya??? I read this thinking some wanker was actually being serious ??? As for my perineum, all I remember thinking about it was it was bloody sweaty, and probably a bit of a state considering the heat rash which must have been going on down there and speculation mind, I hadn’t been able to see it for months. Still, all that paled into insignificance after an episiotomy anyway!
  • charlottewarawiReligiously for months. Not on iota of difference. Tear that turned into episiotomy. All three times I gave birth naturally. Never gave up hoping though! ???
  • amotherplace@verity_ashton ditto, I tried once and it wasn’t at all like I had imagined and made me feel really uncomfortable and i never tried again!
  • sar.j.dI did with my first and still had shocking tear and about a gazillion stitches. Also tore with my second but not nearly as badly.
  • freshstartptI tried it, felt really weird and a bit oompfy to do with a big bump in the way, and then didn’t make a jot of difference anyway ?
  • n.g.johnsonSo grateful for this post – bought the oil with good intention, saw the instructional diagrams and nearly threw up on myself. Now I’m sat here with a dozen stitches wondering if I should have just sucked it up! X
  • midwifenutritionist??????????? Buhmi is HILARIOUS ?


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